We help the Turcan-Popov family

We help the Turcan-Popov family

A child is a treasure … and six a fortune … and it is the only fortune of this family!
At the moment they have no place where they live and they carry it hard enough from a material point of view
The Ţurcan-Popov family have 6 children:
Iaroslav – 5 months.
Valentina – 1.7 months
Gabriela – 11 years old
Mihaela 12 years old
Radu – 14 years old
Ion – 16 years old
They lived in the Botanica sector, but because of the accumulated debts they were taken out and now they live temporarily in the house of the grandmother in Siret, where two more families live on the mother’s side!
Father works in Franzelutza with salary 4500 lei, mother does not work – takes care of little children!

The Donate Foundation for Children has set out to extend a helping hand to encourage, support and give the opportunity to get out of the hardships they have now.
A lesson of compassion and generosity was offered on 01-07 at the Mami & Co Fair
The family with 6 children who are in a state of impasse received material aid, clothing, shoes, diapers, detergents, toys from Mami & Co Fair and the Donor Foundation for Children

We are grateful to Mrs. Volosciuc Natalia for the offered gifts, coming from Ireland

Thanks EduJoc – Educational toys for wonderful toys packed with charity.
T-shirt.MD to ensure the pleasant and personalized look of our volunteers!

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