About Us

We exist because Moldova is a country that needs models.

The  Foundation Donate for Children is a modern, non-profit, non-governmental organization, whose vision is to transform the Republic of Moldova into a society that generates trust, balance and courage. That is why, guided by the values, we opened the School of Values in Băcioi, where we intend to build strong characters for the future by creating a community of autonomous young people who act responsibly and ethically.

We believe that the power of transformation of a society lies in education and youth and that is why we chose to devote ourselves to the young people from R.M. We have decided to guide them in the process of building character and self-discovery. We help them have more confidence in them and find answers to the questions that concern them: Who are “me”? What are my values? What am I good for? How do I figure out what career to follow? How do I know I made the right decision?

At the School of Values, the accent falls on NONFORMAL. We learn to distract by playing, in a friendly, energetic atmosphere. We offer value training experiences through workshops, coaching sessions, personal development workshops, camps, models with international exposure. They are all designed for the long term. We are a group of young people, passionate about education and full of enthusiasm. We set out on the road in 2016 with an idea and we were crazy enough to think we could succeed. This has not changed today. We know that the revolution of education in R.M. It will not happen overnight and we are aware that it is a long way to transforming the entire society. But the young people who have crossed our threshold this year and those who follow us encourage us to continue!

We are committed to respecting a set of 4values.

They bring to the surface everything that is best in us both as a team and as an individual. They are the foundation of our identity, and that helps us work together every day:

We strongly believe that today’s young people – tomorrow’s adults have the power to change society well, and that’s why we are committed to encouraging them to grow, being close to them throughout the maturation period. For a profound and positive impact on young people, we want to collaborate with actors across the community. Through our programs, we want to get involved with institutions and organizations in the business environment in transforming society based on education.

  • Integrity – We respect the promises made to ourselves and to others. We develop responsibly relationships based on trust and honesty with everyone with whom we work.
  • Freedom – We do not indoctrinate. We let young people choose. We give the individual the freedom to think.
  • Courage – We do and just say what we think is right. Giving to young people, values ​​and character building motivates us to act with courage and strength, according to our beliefs.
  • Trust – In the School of Values ​​we trust trust in young people and non-formal and informal education in our own organization and in the people we work with. We trust that Moldova can be the country we all want. We invest trust in people of character.

It’s easier to raise strong children than to fix defeat adults!

Donate for Education!

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