If every person who reads this message would donate 5 euro, it would only take one day a year to fund fundraising. But not everyone can donate. And that’s not a problem. Every year, so many people decide to donate.

This year, please contribute 15 euro, 25  euro, 50 euro or any other amount you think would help and support.

Open Day!

School of value announces open day!

We all talk about changing the future, but we have already made a step and we invite you to join us, Because together we make our children better future.

Starting today, February 18, 2017, the doors of our headquarters will always be open to all, regardless of age and interests. We are receptive to all suggestions and offer you our support if needed.

Goodness is that absolute virtue, which has become an integral part of human civilization. It is the simplest but at the same time the most perfect way to turn the material world into a purer and noble one.

It is the path to peace we need so much. The essence of blessing is to understand that it is a gift offered not only to the one who accepts it, but also to the one who offers it. Each of us bears in our heart the inner desire to share with his neighbor the goods, the care and the love he enjoys alone.

The Project Launched by the School of Commerce will allow children and young people from Băcioi to participate in clubs on interest, training courses, Master Classes, trainings, debates, competitions, social activities, etc. at their home, without It is necessary to leave the commune to take advantage of these opportunities.

You want a better education for your child?
Then come to school of values.

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